How to pay off all loans and borrowings when you have nothing to pay with?

Stop borrowing is the best option!
Is there a constant lack of money for the values ​​imposed by society?

The first sign that you have become a slave to things is trying to borrow in order to pay off the debt that was taken to buy the thing.

After a while after that, no one will take you.

Feelings of resentment and guilt for your mistakes will not allow you to live happily.

There is a way out.

And this is not bankruptcy.

Take the information that will quench your thirst for a loan forever.

If you dare ...

Find out how to end it!

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For now, I'll tell you more about solutions that will help you live normally with this for at least one more day.

You have to start by giving as much as you can. Do not limit yourself totally in the quality of life. This will allow you not to miss the joys that fill the days with meaning.

Otherwise, you will experience everyday stress in search of amounts that will leave neither strength, nor health, nor life itself.

The first thing to do is to accept the fact that there is or will be bad credit. Yes, no one will give more credit in the near future, phone calls will not stop ...

So what! It's not fatal to just accept it.

Debts can be divided into four categories:

  • Individuals,
  • Banks,
  • Payment for services, etc.,
  • Loans land microloans.

Relatives, friends and acquaintances must be given at all costs. No amount of money is worth communicating with them. This is more expensive than overpaid interest. If they themselves offer the opportunity to wait - approx.

2. Loans from banks also need to be repaid, but delays can be made. The main thing is not to bring it to court, so that the money is not debited automatically.

3. Payments for services must also be canceled. The logic is the same as with banks.

4. It is more interesting with loans. Most organizations sell debtor contracts to collectors for a small percentage in order to get at least something.

Debt is growing exponentially.

Here you can quickly say goodbye to them. It will not come to court with everyone, but if it does, it is more profitable to extinguish it through it.

And collectors, threats, calls to relatives and colleagues, SMS - well, only if you are scared and ashamed. There is nothing else in this.

Fear should be turned off and shame should be stopped. Most people are selfish, they are not worried about other people's problems - the main thing is not to ask for help.

Решение как оплатить все кредиты и микрозаймы, вылезти из кабалы. Даже если денег нет! Не банкротство, не списание долгов. Реальные немодерируемые отзывы.


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