Vaccination against COVID-19 under the threat of suspension from work, study, going to a cafe or shop

Voluntary-compulsory vaccination is an act of forcible connection to the egregore, similar to the imposition of religion by a crusade, etc.


There is a lot of talk about conspiracy theories, EVIL, the governing elite.

Most of us have proved to ourselves by experience, through information in open sources, the works of real scientists, that VIRUSES are nothing more than a somatic consequence of FAITH.

But no one puts forward versions that this is a combination of circumstances, and behind any evil there is an initially good act, which simply overgrows the self-interest of the good intentions of the EGOS of different people on its way.

After all, the virus could have been created by an ordinary Chinese hypochondriac who raised only his city" on his ears " at first.

The vaccine could have been invented for good purposes. And it will really help if you believe in the virus and pacify your fear, thereby increasing the vibrations.

Yes, this has already happened in the history of leprosy, fevers, the plague and the Inquisition.

Yes, they have become rich, gained power, certain layers have done "bloody deeds".

But it is not necessary to attribute authorship or design to them. This may simply be a natural consequence.

I don't pretend to be the truth, just
It so happened that the authorities of all countries put people in a life-threatening situation.

  1. If you BELIEVE in the virus , there is one for you. Trust in vaccination will only benefit, because YOU will get rid of the FEAR that can KILL you.
  2. If you BELIEVE in the virus, but the VACCINE for you is a product of global evil for enslavement, population reduction, degradation, etc. - that's the problem here, because you already have TWO fears that can KILL.
  3. And only if you DO NOT BELIEVE in either the VIRUS or the VACCINE-then there is nothing to be afraid of.

You friends, who are from the second category, first of all, you need to realize that you are not a body. And no forces other than yourself can affect your health, your life, or anything else that surrounds you.

The "enemy" was not invented by us, but we support its existence with our ATTENTION.

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